Chester Cathedral



Mozart: Coronation Mass
Mozart: Horn Concerto No. 4 in E flat major
Handel: Coronation Anthems


Jess Hopkins soprano
Sophie Clarke mezzo soprano
Liam Forrest tenor
Jonny Hill bass
David Tillotson horn

Chester Music Society Choir
Liverpool Sinfonia
Graham Jordan Ellis conductor


Tickets, priced at £30 (nave), £25 (West Steps) and £15 (side aisles).

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Handel's Coronation Anthems are a magnificent collection of choral works that were composed for the coronation ceremonies of British monarchs. Comprising four anthems - "Zadok the Priest","Let Thy Hand Be Strengthened," "The King Shall Rejoice," and "My Heart Is Inditing" - Handel's anthems are a grand display of Baroque splendour and regal musicality.
These anthems feature powerful choral writing, glorious fanfares, and intricate vocal and instrumental interplay. Handel's masterful compositions capture the essence of pomp and celebration, evoking a sense of grandeur and reverence. The enduring popularity of Handel's Coronation Anthems lies in their ability to inspire and uplift listeners with their majestic harmonies and triumphant melodies.

Mozart's Coronation Mass, also known as "Missa in C Major," is a splendid choral composition that showcases the composer's exceptional skill and reverence. Composed in 1779 for the celebration of the coronation of Leopold II as King of Bohemia, the mass is a grand display of sacred music. Its majestic choral passages, intricate counterpoint, and expressive solo parts create a captivating musical tapestry. Mozart's masterful handling of vocal and instrumental forces, combined with his melodic ingenuity, make this mass a true testament to his genius. The Coronation Mass continues to be cherished and performed worldwide, embodying the timeless beauty of Mozart's sacred music.

Mozart's Horn Concerto No. 4 is a masterpiece of classical music, showcasing the composer's exceptional talent and ingenuity. Composed in the late 18th century, it stands as one of the most prominent works for the horn. The concerto's four movements display a remarkable blend of elegance, lyricism, and technical brilliance. Mozart's exquisite melodies, accompanied by rich orchestration, create a harmonious dialogue between the horn soloist and the ensemble. This concerto's enduring popularity lies in its ability to captivate listeners with its beauty, showcasing the horn's range and agility while showcasing Mozart's genius as a composer. It remains a timeless gem within the world of classical music.