Admission to the choir is by audition; either in September, at the start of the new season, or in January, at the beginning of the second session of the season.

 Auditions are held within the first few weeks of the session with the Musical Director, usually on a Saturday morning. You will be given a date and asked to prepare and bring along a short, simple piece of music of your choosing to sing. (Please bring 2 copies). You will also sing a few scales to determine your range and voice part. We make every effort to put you at your ease during auditions, which are conducted in a friendly, relaxed manner. The result will be given promptly, by letter.

In order to ensure a correct balance of voices, it may prove necessary from time to time to impose a limit on membership of the choir. On these occasions your name would be added to a waiting list and you would be invited to join as a vacancy became available.

Full details of admission procedures can be obtained from the Membership Secretary: 0151 336 5088 or by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.