Elijah Performance: 20 November

Our first concert for almost two years is still subject to many uncertainties. We have therefore sent you this aide-memoire to give you as much guidance as possible as to how the performance will be conducted. This should help avoid lengthy verbal briefings, both at Wesley and the cathedral.

Staging. The new staging - to the cost of which many of you have contributed - is still not complete  (supply chain issues). We will be performing from a temporary setup which is not ideal, but it is the best we can manage. Please therefore be patient and follow Steve Davies's directions closely.

Rehearsal on Thursday 18 November: in the cathedral at 7.30pm. Please be in the south transept in your allotted on-stage position by 7.15.
Rehearsal on Saturday 20 November at 12.15pm. Please be in the south transept in your allotted on-stage position by 12 noon and follow Steve's directions onto the platform. (Attendance at this rehearsal is obligatory.)
Performance on 20 November at 7.30pm. Leave coats and bags in the Chapter House vestibule and be in the south transept in your allotted on-stage position by 7.15.
Interval. There will be an interval of 20 minutes, during which soft drinks will be provided in the Chapter House. Please be back in the south transept in your allotted on-stage position 10 minutes after the beginning of the interval.
Note: the streets of Chester are still in a state of chaos. Please allow extra time to get to the cathedral.
Folders. You will need a black folder for your music. You can buy a folder from a committee member at rehearsals.
Scores. Hired scores must be returned with all pencil markings erased. For preference they should be left immediately after the performance in the boxes provided. If this is not possible please return them to Yvonne on 2 December. (If you are not attending Christmas concert rehearsals please arrange with a colleague to return them, or email Yvonne - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - to arrange a hand-over.)

Concert Dress
Ladies: Black trousers or ankle-length skirt; black shoes and tights; plain white blouse (tucked into the waistband); black fabric long-sleeve jacket (no cardigans); minimal discrete non-sparkling jewellery. You may carry a clutch bag onto the stage but nothing larger.
Gentlemen: Black dinner suit; black shoes and socks; white shirt (no frills if possible); black bow tie.
Lapel flowers will not be worn at this performance.

There are no formal regulations concerning Covid in the cathedral other than the advice and recommendations we have used in rehearsals up to now. That is to say: wear face covering at all times when moving about in the cathedral and maintain social distancing to the maximum degree possible. Needless to say, remove face coverings on stage.

Once on stage remain still and seated (you may applaud the orchestra leader as he takes his place). Stand 'as one' at the moment Graham sets foot on the podium; thereafter follow Graham's sits and stands (which you will have marked in your score). At the end of the performance keep the audience applause going at least until the stewards have made the presentations to the soloists.
And just enjoy the experience of a live performance at last.

Christmas rehearsals will begin at Wesley on 25 November. Please bring your own copy of Carols for Choirs Book 2, and collect a copy of Graham's booklet from the register desk as you arrive.
We have not yet decided on a presenter for our December 2022 Christmas concert. If you have any suggestions for a suitable and entertaining speaker who is likely to attract an audience please let any member of the committee know (or by reply to this email). The final decision will rest with the committee, having regard to his or her: availability, suitability and - especially - affordability.

Choir rehearsals for the next session begin on Thursday 2 September 2021 at Wesley Methodist Church, St John Street, Chester. New members in all voice parts are welcome to attend rehearsals in January with a view to taking the audition.

The Choir Committee and Voice Representatives for the 2021-22 season:

Graham Eccles

Graham Eccles first studied the organ at Worksop College in Nottinghamshire; during this time he gained his LTCL and ARCO diplomas.

The choir forward programme for years 2021 ~ 2023 and dates for your diary for the current season.

The forward programme is provisional only and subject to change.


Admission to the choir is by audition; either in September, at the start of the new season, or in January, at the beginning of the second session of the season.

General notes for choir members regarding rehearsals, required attendance at rehearsals, concert instructions and other matters connected to the choir. A pdf copy can be downloaded here.

Detailed notes for Choir Members singing in a concert: A pdf copy can be downloaded here.

Music Scores for Choir Concerts and Rehearsals

Choir Concerts are held in Chester Cathedral as are rehearsals on concert day and the final Thursday before a concert.

The details and locations of rehearsal venues used by the choir: Google Map of Choir Rehearsal Venues here..., for locations and directions.