Choir Performances

Choir rehearsals for the next session begin on Thursday 7 September 2023 at Wesley Methodist Church, St John Street, Chester. New members in all voice parts are welcome to attend rehearsals in September or January with a view to taking the audition. Prospective new members may read more HERE.

The Choir Committee and Voice Representatives for the 2023-24 season:

The choir forward programme for the current season 2023 ~ 2024 

The forward programme is provisional only and subject to change.

Admission to the choir is by audition; either in September, at the start of the new season, or in January, at the beginning of the second session of the season.

General notes for choir members regarding rehearsals, required attendance at rehearsals, concert instructions and other matters connected to the choir. A pdf copy can be downloaded here.

Detailed notes for Choir Members singing in a concert: A pdf copy can be downloaded here.

Music Scores for Choir Concerts and Rehearsals

Choir Concerts are held in Chester Cathedral as are rehearsals on concert day.

The details and locations of rehearsal venues used by the choir: Google Map of Choir Rehearsal Venues here..., for locations and directions.