Since his retirement from Manchester University David Woods has been involved with all aspects of the running of Chester Music Society for over 18 years.

This tribute has been written by our current Chairman, Mick Clarke.

David Woods contribution to Chester Music Society has been exceptional. He has been involved with all aspects of the running of the Society for over 18 years. Starting in 2005 he was Chair of the Youth Choirs up until 2016 when the continuation of the group was no longer viable. In 2010 he became Chair of the Board of Trustees which manages the whole of the societies activities ranging from the organisation of the many and varied events to compliance with the statutory requirements incumbent on a Charitable Organisation. The following year he became Chair of the Young Musician Competition which he supported with great enthusiasm and vigour.

When he had to take a less active role from this position in 2022 the Board of Trustees agreed to recognise his contribution to the competition by renaming the winners award to the Chester Music Society David Woods Trophy. In 2017 he became Chair of the Celebrity Concert Series which he also supported with great spirit. During 2022 he had to reluctantly retire from all his major roles due to his declining health. However, he continued to participate on the Celebrity Concert Committee until very recently, still undertaking quite a number of important tasks including artists bookings and organisation of music workshops for local schools.

Thus, on behalf of the whole Society and its many members I am proud to present David with a an engraved glass plaque as a token of our appreciation for all the work he has done.