During the period of 'lockdown' occasioned by the corona virus pandemic in 2020-21 the Society promoted a series of Virtual Concerts on YouTube given by young musicians who have appeared with us before, or who will be appearing in person in future. These are still availble: click on the performer below to see their recital

Bethan Griffiths harp
Heather Heighway soprano and Joseph Buckmaster tenor
Alexandra Lomeiko violin and John Paul Ekins piano
John Gough pupils: Justine Gormley, Felix Gideonse, Rufus Edwards, Matthew Lau
Amy Roberts oboe and Gamal Khamis piano
Antonina Suhanova piano
Martin Bickerton guitar
Previous Winners of the Society's Young Musicians Competition: Louie McIver piano, Emily Stewart soprano, Will Bracken piano
Imogen Royce flute and Imma Setiani piano
Mithras Piano Trio
Alkyona String Quartet