Season Begins 20-21

Rehearsal Venues

The details and locations of rehearsal venues used by the choir: Google Map of Choir Rehearsal Venues here..., for locations and directions.

Queen's School, City Walls Road, Chester, CH1 2NN. Choir Principal rehearsal venue.

Queen's Park High School, Queen's Park, Chester. CH4 7AE. Choir Alternate rehearsal venue.

St Mary's Creative Space, St Mary's Hill, Chester, CH1 2DW. Choir Alternate rehearsal venue.

(off Castle Street behind County Hall, free parking in Castle Square. Access from the Grosvenor Road roundabout.)

Wesley Methodist Church Centre, St John Street, Chester, CH1 1DA. Choir Alternate rehearsal venue.

Chester Cathedral, 12 Abbey Square, Chester, CH1 2HU. For Choir Concert rehearsals.

Choir rehearsals take place at the Queen's School and occasionally, when the Queen's School is unavailable, in Queen's Park High School, St Mary's Centre or Wesley Methodist Church. The Choir rehearsal on the Thursday before a concert is normally in Chester Cathedral as is the concert day rehearsal.

Choir concerts are in Chester Cathedral.